Friends of Crossroads

Annual Banquet

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Tuesday, October 29 - Belleville, PA

Luncheon or Dinner
Locust Grove Mennonite Church - Directions

This year we are excited to welcome Gianna Jessen, abortion survivor and pro-life activist, as our guest speaker.

There will again be a Luncheon and Dinner program, at 11:30am and 6pm respectively. The dinner will be catered by the Burnham OIP & Restaurant.

Invite your small group, pastor, or neighbors to come learn more about the ministry of Crossroads. Or ask us about how you can be a table host.

Reservations are required for both program times. (Adults only)

If you would like to be one of our Business Sponsors, please follow the directions at the link above.


Guest Speaker

Gianna Jessen

About our Speaker: Talk to Gianna Jessen for just a few minutes and she’s likely to punctuate every sentence with a deep, infectious laugh. Talk to her for a while longer and, as her story unfolds, it becomes apparent that the constant joy has overcome unspeakable challenges.

In many regards, her life has been a short path littered with obstacles at every turn: challenges, betrayal, and cruelty. But for every setback, there have also been invitations into the greatest halls of government. A life that was never meant to be has been used to inspire—even save—others.

You see, Gianna Jessen was intended to die before she was born, just another one of the 1.2 million abortions each year in the United States. Instead of death, though, Gianna was bathed in a burning saline solution, but she overcame to enter the world.

Hear the rest of her amazing story at our luncheon or dinner banquet.