Table Hosts

No donation is necessary to become a TABLE HOST. The purpose of hosting is to bring new faces to the table in order to increase our partnerships! Becoming a TABLE HOST is not only appreciated; it is also acutely important to the success of the event. The commitment on your part is to fill a table with 8 people (including yourself) and enjoy a wonderful evening together of good food, good fellowship, and good news about the impact the CPC is having in our communities!

If you would like to help by becoming a TABLE HOST, please contact our Executive Director, Cindy Mansberger, at 717-320-2575 or email her directly: When you do, we will give you a TABLE HOST packet of information to help you as you invite others.

Keep in mind that, if possible, we’re looking for:

New, first-time attendees – There are many people in our area—in your Sunday School Class, small group, business or Bible study—who believe as you do in the sanctity of human life and in sharing the hope of Jesus Christ.

Hearts that are open and generous – We can find generous people in all walks of life from the wealthy to those on a tight budget. In addition, we can look to friends of all ages, from the young couple just starting out to those who are happily retired. When it comes to married couples, we would love both husband and wife to attend. A couple makes financial decisions together and as the focus of our event is to raise funds to build the future of Crossroads, it is imperative that the entire “team” is on-hand to make a wise decision.

By prayerfully inviting others we can look forward to His hand leading us to the right people with a joyful desire to take this ministry exactly where God wants us to go.

Offering Help, Hope and Healing in Jesus' Name