Banquet Giving

It’s not too late to give towards our Banquet Fundraising!

Monthly Gifts

Make a monthly, quarterly or annual pledge to Crossroads either online or by check. These funds help to keep us running throughout the year.

One Time Gifts

Large or small, one-time gifts help us to continue our programs and maintain our facilities. A large one time gift could help us with our new Huntingdon office renovations. Another one time gift could cover the upkeep for our ultrasound machine. If you want more information about one-time gifts, call our office. Or give as the Lord leads.

Giving Form

Fill in the form below to inform us of your intent to give. Then gifts and pledges can be made through Paypal on the next page or by mailing a check to Crossroads at 1130 W 4th St, Lewistown, PA 17044.

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Offering Help, Hope and Healing in Jesus' Name